Andrew Lawson is a 2-D artist that resides in Midland, Texas. Andrew’s main medium is intaglio printmaking but he will occasionally do oil paintings as well as other 2-D mediums. Andrew studied art at the University of Texas Permian Basin and graduated with honors in 2014. His biggest influences are the surrealism artists of the early 1900’s and the modern-day pop-surrealism artist. Andrew considers himself part of the modern Pop-Surrealism movement. Still young in his art career, Andrew has been seriously pursuing art since the age of 25.

 Andrew developed a love for printmaking while in school. He confesses his liking of printmaking is due to the equal amount of left and right brain activity involved in creating intaglio prints. Mezzotints and multi-plate intaglio printmaking are Andrew’s two favorite mediums. Excited about the resurgence of older methods and mediums, Andrew gravitated toward doing Mezzotints because of the nostalgia, old-school techniques and tools involved in making them. When he wants to do a colored piece, Andrew turns to multi-plate intaglio printmaking to express his ideas.

 Andrew says his art is a direct expression of himself at a given moment when creating a piece. Dealing with depression and anxiety disorders, Andrew channels these troubles into his art, often portraying darker themes with sometimes fun and whimsical undertones. While not a verbal person, Andrew feels his art is the perfect way to express himself. Currently his themes deal with apocalyptic storylines; where commercialism, electronics and globalized ideas have taken over! People in gas mask and steam powered vehicles are the resistance, always trying to escape from the apocalyptic takeover! Andrew’s message in his artwork tends to emphasize ideas of social commentary. At first glance his art seems dark, but with further inspection the viewer can discern the humor and whimsical ideas Andrew is trying to portray 

Curriculum Vitae 


BA, University of Texas Permian Basin, Cum Laude 

Current MFA student at Texas Tech University


Group and Solo Exhibitions:

2015 - Art by Brad King and Andrew Lawson, Kamiposi Gallery, Midland, TX

2016 - Solo Exhibition, Starr Struck Gallery, Houston Texas

2017 - After Dark 6 (Group Show) - Greg Moon Art Gallery, Taos, New Mexico

2017 - Solo Exhibition, Kamiposi Gallery, Midland, TX

2018 - Impressions - Nationally Juried Printmaking Exhibition. Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland

2018 - Impressed 2018: Behind the Hedges, Group Printmaking Show - Art Gym, Denver, Colorado 



2018 - Award of Merit, for piece titled: "The Takeover", MOCA Boardwalk Art Show, Virginia Beach, VA  

2018 - Best in Printmaking, Scottsdale Arts Festival, Scottsdale, AZ

2017 - St. Tammany Award, Covington Three Rivers Art Festival, Covington, LA

2017 - 1st Place Printmaking, Midland Art Association Fall Juried Event. Midland, TX. "The Takeover" Etching

2017 - Best in Show, Midland Art Association Spring Juried Event, Midland, TX, "Storm in a Teacup" Oil with Resin

2017 - 1st Place Printmaking, Midland Art Association Spring Juried Event, Midland, TX, "Space Oddity" Mezzotint

2017 - Best in Show, Celebration of the Arts, Midland, TX